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Welcome to The Gallery, here you will find a collection of my work. Each portrait is lovingly hand drawn, taking around 30-50 hours altogether. I’m so proud of where I’m at with my work right now, and always see improvements with each and every drawing. Please enjoy.

Alfonso, 8×10 Inch.
Harvey, The Distinguished Gentleman, 10×12 Inch.
Millie, 8×10 Inch.
Rosie, 8×10 Inch.
Wolfie, 12×18 Inch.
11×14 Inch.
Adrian, 8×10 Inch.
Kodah, 12×16 Inch.
Harley, 11×14 Inch
Tabby, 8×10 Inch.
Oreo, 11×14 Inch.
Frankie, 10×12 Inch.
Ozzy, 5×7 Inch.
8×10 Inch
Maggie, 8×10 Inch.
Jesko, 8×10 Inch
11×14 Inch.
12×18 Inch.

Thank you so much for browsing my Gallery! If you enjoy what you’ve seen and are interested in commissioning me, a good place to start is with my prices. Hit the button below to be taken straight to my price lists.