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A super quick and handy photo guide you can use when sending photo’s of your precious pet!

Photo guide

Often some of the first questions i’m asked is what type of photo do i need, if it needs to be a certain pose, angle etc.

Firstly, it needs to be well lit and clear – this means no harsh shadows/lighting and not blurry.

Secondly, most poses are fine, but i’d stay clear of high angle photos where you’re looking straight down at the animal as this doesn’t always translate well onto paper.

If your precious pet is no longer with us, and you only have a very select amount of photos, i will absolutely try my best to work with you, but please note my best work will always come from clear, well lit, detailed photos.

And of course, if you’re still unsure – i’m happy to advise you!

BAD EXAMPLE: Blurry, weird angle, can’t see face properly
BAD EXAMPLE: Bad lighting
GOOD EXAMPLE: Well lit, clear, good 3/4 face angle.
GOOD EXAMPLE: Good natural lighting, clear, good pose/angle