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Here you will find the pricing for both my painted portraits and pencil portraits. I’ve tried to include a couple of different approximate currency conversions as well as a guide to pricing multiple subjects (including example). Please make sure to read my pricing before booking a commission, it saves so much time and helps me to get you booked in as soon as possible!

**Please note: paying in instalments is welcome and can be discussed upon booking**

Painted Portraits


Handpainted on a 3cm wood circle, lovingly adorned with custom charms and sealed with resin, these keychains are definitely a favourite! Cute and durable, they really do make the perfect gift (to yourself)!
£35/$45 for a standard keychain
£50/$65 for double sided

Paint on Wood

If you’re looking for something unique when it comes to pet portraits this is it! Have your pet painted with acrylic paint on the most beautiful, high quality wood sections. The wood often varies (Birch, Oak, etc.) making each piece even more unique, it truly will be the centre of attention wherever you choose to display!

Approximate size (diameter)/Price
3-4 Inch – £55/$75
5-6 Inch – £120/$160
8-10 Inch – £250/$330
Wood slices can be made hang-able at no extra cost, or a miniature easel can be purchased for £2.50/$3.50

See size comparison below –
Due to the natural properties of wood, each slice is completely unique and is likely not perfectly round. Sizes are approximate and the slice you receive may look different from those pictured. Slices may also split and warp over time, although every care has been taken to avoid this.

Click the photo to enlarge

Please note; it will only be possible to do a single subject on each side of keychains and wood slices, with the exception of the large 9-10 inch slice, although price and composition will need to be discussed.

Pencil Portraits

Coloured Pencil Portrait – Single Subject – Head and Shoulders

Great British Pounds

5×7″ – £175
8×10″ – £300
10×12″ – £375
11×14″ – £450
12×16″ – £500
12×18″ – £525

US Dollars*

5×7″ – $210
8×10″ – $400
10×12″ – $500
11×14″ – $600
12×16″ – $665
12×18″ – $695


5×7″ – 205
8×10″ – 365
10×12″ – 455
11×14″ – 545
12×16″ – 605
12×18″ – 635

For full body portraits – please add 10% of the price for your chosen size to the overall total
* conversions are approximate and are to serve as a guide only

Coloured Pencil – Multiple Subjects – Head and Shoulders
(2 shown as example)

For any additional subjects, please add 25% each to the prices shown above, here i have calculated the price for 2 animals in the portrait.
For multiple animals the minimum size is 10×12″ to ensure my best quality work

Great British Pounds

10×12″ – £469
11×14″ – £562.50
12×16″ – £625
12×18″ – £656

US Dollars*

10×12″ – $620
11×14″ – $744
12×16″ – $827
12×18″ – $868


10×12″ – 569
11×14″ – 680
12×16″ – 757
12×18″ – 795

For full body portraits – please add 10% of the price for your chosen size to the overall total

To secure your place in my diary, a 20% non-refundable deposit must be made (unless, due to my own fault the portrait cannot be completed, in which case the full deposit will be returned)

Custom sizes are welcome and prices will be discussed.

Portraits can be mounted for an extra charge, please contact me to enquire.

Postage and packaging is extra and price will be confirmed upon booking.

Prices are subject to change and any quote given will be valid for 1 month.